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With the introduction of VAT in Oman, dynamics of businesses would be altered significantly. It arise the need for enterprises to start formulating strategies forthwith, to be able to adhere to the lately evolved tax obligations including levying, collecting and paying VAT to the Tax Authority in a prompt and punctual way. Further, it is imperative to analyze and assess the potential impacts of new taxes on the business, as well as its effects on margins and cash flow.

Experts in VAT at Your Service

The Prudent for Auditing, Financial and Economic Consultancy (PAFEC) will equip you in taking cognizance and enhancing knowledge concerning VAT related provisions all through the organization. Our personnel have expertise in all legal provisions of VAT and will also ensure to see through its proper implementation in our client offices. We can help by performing an Impact Review on your business. This would aid in identifying the matters that need to be addressed by way of a comprehensive evaluation of business processes and accounting systems. A clear idea can be drawn after the assessment so as to initiate and prepare an implementation plan along with a strategic timeline.

After the Impact review, one of the most crucial activities that comes next is to make certain that all business units (supply chain, logistics, procurement, finance, tax and accounting) are upskilled and prepared for the change newly introduced in tax regime. It is also of the essence to make sure that the right systems and processes are in place to apply the tax unerringly and effectuate proper reporting functions.

What We Can Do

  • Analysis of VAT impact on your business
  • Advise on managing VAT and relevant accounting system
  • Assist for VAT registration
  • Assist in Corporate Governance Matters
  • Submission of VAT return based on calculation/ processing
  • VAT training *(Note Subject to Announcement & Implementation by Government)

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We are a team of highly skilled and experienced consultants in VAT and we can help with all of your organization’s VAT related concerns.

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